This stuff can be found in houses all across the Hudson Valley.

Are you a antique or a bargain hunter? Do you or someone you know love to travel across the Hudson Valley looking for antiques, or out of the ordinary looking furniture? Well let me tell you, you're not alone if that's something you do.

I've found that for the last year or so, I've gotten really into searching for random pieces of furniture. I don't know if my age, or the fact that we've been inside a pandemic for almost a year has anything to do with it, but I know there are some really coolweird pieces of furniture in a lot of our houses.

I've been to a bunch of "vintage" or antique stores in the Valley. I've gone from Kingston, to New Paltz, to Newburgh and found some really different pieces for sale. I haven't really bought much because nowadays, "vintage" means pricey...LOL!

So instead of spending money I don'y have, I though it would be fun to put together a picture gallery of some of the weird furniture that you guys have in your houses.

If you have a cool piece that you'd like to show off, you can text the picture of it to me through the Wolf app or email it to me at, PLEASE include a little description of the piece.

I will continue to add to our "Weird"Furniture gallery every week so snap a picture and send it in.

Weird Furniture in the Hudson Valley

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