Police from New York State issued a warning after parents found drugs that looked like candy which were given to children on Halloween.

Police are reminding all parents to check their child's candy before allowing them to eat any.

Parents Warned To Look For Weed Laced Candy In New York State

Photo by Pot Head Coffee on Unsplash
Photo by Pot Head Coffee on Unsplash

Before Halloween, New York State officials urged parents to beware of cannabis-laced candy, so that their children don't accidentally ingest a marijuana product.

This comes as New York State reports a rise in accidental weed consumption in children.

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Weed Gummies Given To Upstate New York Children On Halloween

Children Trick Or Treat In Brooklyn On Halloween
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On Halloween, Monday, Oct. 31, around 9 p.m. the Massena Police Department issued a "***Public safety announcement***"

Police issued the public safety announcement because a child was given marijuana edibles instead of candy while trick-or-treating.

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"Please check your children’s trick-or-treating candy before they eat any," the Massena Police Department while sharing a photo of marijuana edibles given to a child on Halloween.

Weed Gummies Given To Child In Massena, New York

Massena Police Department
Massena Police Department

The picture of the bag (below) is marijuana edibles for adults, police say. It was given to a "local trick-or-treater."

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Massena is a town in St. Lawrence County, New York.

"If you locate a similar bag of 'candy,' please bring it to the Massena Police Department with information on where you trick-or-treated," the Massena Police Department added in its press release.

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