Does your current town or hometown have a special name for it? We may have our own slang terms for where we previously or currently live.

Whether this is something that was made up in the community, is well referred to in New York state or something brand new, it's interesting to think about.

For instance, Poughkeepsie can be referred to as "Po-Town", Kingston as "K-Town" and Beacon has been called the "Mini Manhattan".

While some of us may or may not agree with these opinions or second names, it's something to definitely chat about.

Vogue Made A Statement That A Popular, Hudson Valley City Is Relatable To Brooklyn, NY

Canva, YouTube, LWL Travel
Canva, YouTube, LWL Travel

At times, out of towners and locals can co exist but other times, they don't always get along. Some people may refer to people who move from any part of New York City with more slang terms, they also feel the same way about locals.

More than ever, we should try to get along, be a part of the community and help  one another out during these times.

It's possible that the town you live in may be similar to Brooklyn, NY.

Would You Relate This Hudson Valley City As The "Brooklyn Of The Hudson Valley"?


Brooklyn is a borough in New York City. As with everywhere in New York state, there are safer and better parts about it while other neighborhoods, not so much.

I was surprised when I read that Vogue compared Brooklyn, NY to a city in Columbia County, NY.

Vogue Stated That Hudson, NY Can Be Referred To As The "Brooklyn Of The Hudson Valley"

Does this make sense to you?

According to Vogue,

"Hudson is often referred to as the Brooklyn of the Hudson Valley, but it has so much more to offer (although if you’re looking for that Brooklyn vibe, you can definitely find it here)."

Vogue continued to share reasons why this statement makes sense. From food and drink options to hotel and air bnb options and places to explore, it may make sense.

I don't agree nor disagree. I have been to Hudson, NY before and Brooklyn as well. However, I have never thought to compare the two because I believe that they simply are who they are, being different places within New York State.

The comparisons are relatable to some while others disagree.

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The Hudson Valley Responds To Vogue's Statement About Hudson, NY And Brooklyn


I posted a poll on WRRV's Facebook page to get to the bottom of this.

The question asked, 

"Vogue made a statement that Hudson, NY is the “Brooklyn of the Hudson Valley”.


Which city do you think should claim that title instead? -Allison"

The following comments respond to the question asked above.





"New Paltz"




"Cold Spring"

Is There A Hudson Valley City That Deserves The Title More?

This question was answered on WRRV's Facebook and Instagram. Some may agree that options such as Cold Spring, Beacon, New Paltz or Rhinebeck would be better options for being compared to being the "Brooklyn of the Hudson Valley".

Hudson, NY was known for being the first city to be incorporated in the United States, pretty impressive! Does that change your mind at all?

What other Hudson Valley city that you think is relatable to other parts of New York? Let's continue to have fun and share more with us below. 

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