An investigation is underway after now viral video alleges police brutality in the Hudson Valley.

On Thursday, Chris Sicina shared video on Facebook that appears to show a Port Jervis police kneeing and punching a suspect as the suspect was being apprehended.

"This Has To Stop," Sicina wrote while sharing the video. "This is police brutality."

The video which can be seen below appears to show a Port Jervis police officer repeatedly kneeing the suspect while the person was laying on the ground on his stomach. Seconds later, another person, in plainclothes, is also seen hitting the suspect.

Commenters say "excessive force" was used and the actions were "wrong."

A spokesperson from the Port Jervis Mayor's office confirmed to Hudson Valley Post "this is an ongoing investigation." The spokesperson wasn't able to give out any more information at this time. Phone calls for comment from the Orange County District Attorney's office and the Port Jervis Police Department haven't been returned as of this writing. We will update this story if more information is made available.

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