An Upstate New York man was arrested for allegedly acting as a therapist without a license in the Hudson Valley.

New York State Police from the Upper Hudson Valley announced the arrested of an Upstate New York man who allegedly was acting psychotherapist without a license

Unlicensed Psychotherapist Arrested in Columbia County, New York


New York State Police began an investigation into 57-year-old William G. Culley of Chatham, New York after law enforcement received a tip the 57-year-old was practicing as a psychotherapist without a license.

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Police did not release details about the investigation but reported the investigation proved the Chatham man was practicing psychotherapy without a license.

Chatham, New York Man Charged For Practicing Psychotherapy Without License


On March 18, New York State Police charged Gully with unauthorized practice of a profession, a class E felony.

Culley was issued an appearance ticket.

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