An Upstate New York man confessed to rudely leaving waste outside the home of someone he knew recently died. Waste included a fridge!

Recently DEC officers in Montgomery County closed an ongoing waste disposal case in the town of Charleston.

Intentional Dumping at a Deceased Person's Property - Montgomery County

Schoharie County, New York Man Confesses To Dumping Garbage AT A Dead Person's Property In Montgomery County

DEC ECOs interviewed a man from Schoharie County who confessed to dumping the garbage onto the property knowing the property owner had passed away, according to the DEC.

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Officers ticketed the man for illegal disposal of solid waste.

The man was given a chance to clean up all of the waste left at the dead person's home. If he did clean up the waste it would have led to leniency from the court, according to the DEC.

However, he didn't comply, officials say.

After six months of courtroom procedures, the unnamed man accepted a plea deal.

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He pleaded guilty to 1 count of illegal disposal of solid waste, a violation, with a total fine of $1,590.

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