You may remember the story of the Hudson Valley woman whose viral social media plea for a new car, after giving birth in her new Honda, fell flat. Well, this story has a surprising ending.

In early May, Beth Newell of Mamaroneck tweeted a photo of her newborn with the message, "@Honda, earlier today I gave birth to my daughter in the back of a Honda Fit. It is a mess. Can I have a free car?”

As June 21, the tweet was retweeted over 20,000 times and liked more than 33,000 times.

Following the viral tweet, the car company responded to the Newell's tweet, "Congrats on your beautiful new baby girl. We’d love to get your contact info to see how we can be of service. Can you please DM us?”

Many on Twitter were hoping Honda would give the Hudson Valley mother a new car. Some tweeted their support.

Holly S GoLightly tweeted, "@bethnew @Honda If they don't give you a new car I'm trading in my new Civic."

Jonathan Hopkins said, "@bethnew @Honda Best tweet this year. And a sure PR coup for Honda. Do the right thing, Honda!

In the end Honda offered to pay for a car cleaning and seat replacements, according to Buzzfeed.

That's where we thought this story ended. Not so fast.

Shortly after, Plaza Honda in Brooklyn responded to Newell offering her family a free 3-year lease for the car of their dreams.

Beth, along with her husband Peter, newborn Maeven, and young child Brin were handed the keys to a free 2016 Honda CR-V.

“This was a great Honda story and we are glad we were in the right position to be of help to Beth, Peter and their two wonderful children,” General Manager Tony Urrutia said in a statement.

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