New York state has long been a hotbed for UFO activity. According to the National UFO reporting Center, New York was fifth in the nation in 2020. That year, California ranked first with 10,053 reports. Florida second (5,631), then Washington (4,176), and Texas (3,739). New York was right behind them with 3,678 reports of UFO-related events that year alone. And while some may point to the pandemic as being part of the cause for these claims, the year before was also a big year in the state for sightings.

Recent Hudson Valley UFO Sightings

So where are we so far in 2022? It is still early in the year, but the National UFO Reporting Center website lists several sightings across the Hudson Valley over the past few months. The website allows you to file your own reports which can then take several weeks to be posted for the public to view. These are just eye witness accounts, so it could just be something easily explainable like a regular airplane, military equipment, or simply another star in the night sky?

The website states that a report was made concerning "orbs going in direction" over Orangeburg on February 11, at 10 PM. The reports also says there is four hours of video of the encounter, and that the objects were not visible with the naked eye. On January 8, at 3:30 PM, several high altitude objects were seen moving in a similar pattern over White Plains. There is no exact indication of how many objects were spotted in either report.

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There is also a report from the Hudson Valley's UFO capitol, Pine Bush December 29, at 12:48 AM.

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