Spring turkey season runs from May 1st thru May 31st.

If you turkey hunt, or have a turkey hunter in your life, you already know that the spring hunting season is underway in the Hudson Valley. The Department of Environmental Conservation wanted to remind anyone interested in hunting this year that they must follow a few rules. Those rules include every hunter having and carrying on their person a hunting license and a turkey permit.

Hunters are allowed to hunt 1/2-hour before sunrise and up to noon and are allowed to take two bearded birds but only one bird per day. If you do take a turkey while in the woods you must immediately fill out the carcass tag and attach it to the bird.

Turkey Stalking

Before heading into the woods the DEC also shared some very important hunting tips to prevent any hunter on hunter accidents while in the woods. Most turkey hunters will sit in the woods and try to call a turkey with a turkey call for hours and the DEC says that other hunters sometimes make the mistake of shooting at another hunter because they sound just like turkeys, they say that most turkey hunting injuries happen when one hunter stalks another.

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Turkey Hunting Safety Tips

1. Don't Stalk Turkeys.
2. Never wear turkey colors-red, white, or blue.
3. Assume anything that sounds like a turkey is another turkey hunter.
4. While using a turkey call, always call with a large tree at your back.
5. Wrap an orange vest around a tree near your calling location to let other hunters know you are there.

The DEC also said that if you do see another hunter in the woods, don't move, simply speak up in a loud, clear voice to identify yourself. Lastly and most important, always be sure of what you are shooting at and make sure you know what's beyond your target.

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