The truth is out there, and a group of investigators is determined to reveal the facts about UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley.

This year's annual UFO Fair in Pine Bush was canceled due to coronavirus precautions, but a special, socially distanced event will still go on featuring those who believe UFOs are visiting the Hudson Valley.

While the street fair and parade are all postponed until next year, a special conference of UFO experts is still scheduled to happen on Labor Day weekend. A panel of speakers will discuss evidence that they believe leads to the visitation of extraterrestrial life.

Marc Dantonio, an astronomer and photo/video analyst will be joined by Linda Zimmerman, author of In the Night Sky and Hudson Valley UFOs. Also on the panel, Chris DePerno will discuss his work as the chief investigator for MUFON.

DePerno told us that sightings in the Hudson Valley have been on the rise since the coronavirus pandemic began. "Orbs" have been reported by many people hovering in the sky. The bright, round lights are seen above before quickly disappearing from the sky. He says he will discuss those, as well as evidence of actual contact between humans and extra-terrestrial beings.

Occupants of interplanetary craft or just residents of the Hudson Valley are invited to participate in the forum. Tickets to the event are limited due to coronavirus restrictions and can be purchased online from the Pine Bush UFO Museum.

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