In the timeless words of Thomas Wolfe "You can't go back home ...." and that is sadly so true sometimes especially when you are looking back at a place from your childhood. Recently, I came across just such a place from my childhood. I found 23 Maple Road in Cornwall-on Hudson was for sale on Zillow. Oh, if I had 1.2 Million dollars they could put up the sold sign tomorrow.

There isn't enough space on the internet to tell you all the childhood memories that I have tied to this piece of property and amazing people who lived in it. Funny thing is it didn't even belong to anyone in my family. It was the home of dear family friends who opened their home to my family year in and year out for holidays, celebrations and simple Sunday afternoons. To go into more detail than that would just be to much information but let's leave it at it was Granny Bell's House.

Granny sold this place many years ago and I am not even sure it is still owned by the people who bought it from her, but it does look like whoever is selling it now has done a good job of mixing the new with the old. Take a look and hopefully you enjoy my ad lib to the listing.

Granny's House for Sale

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