Why is it the foods we love are almost always the unhealthiest? In a bit of unsurprising news, a new study at the University of Michigan says eating just one hot dog can take 36 minutes off your life. Well, tell us something we didn't know? ABC says that the study evaluated over 5,800 foods and ranked them by nutrition for humans. The NY Post says that it's “largely due to the detrimental effect of processed meat.” .

Eating a hot dog could cost you 36 minutes of healthy life, while choosing to eat a serving of nuts instead could help you gain 26 minutes of extra healthy life.

Of course, social media has come alive with these recent findings, and many are wondering how competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut is even still alive. According to the Sporting News' calculations, the Coney Island hot dog eating champion has eaten an astonishing 1,094 hot dogs in the contests alone.

The Post says that hot dogs weren't the only guilty culprit that could take time off your life. Other foods and beverages such as sugary drinks, burgers and breakfast sandwiches were linked with the most amount of minutes lost. Can we catch a break? o course, you never with these sort of studies. And besides, will this actually stop a lot pf people from eating hot dogs? Probably not.

Speaking of unhealthy foods that we still love to eat, an unattended cookie jar was actually the reason for a bomb scare last week. FOX says they received a call about a suspicious package on a bench Thursday afternoon. The investigation was around 7th Avenue and West 47th Street, according to officials. Law enforcement took to social media to warn the public to avoid the surrounding area. Around an hour later, it was determined the so-called package was just a red cookie jar that was chillin' all alone on the beach. Officials did not indicate if the jar had any actual cookies in them, or perhaps if someone ate all the cookies and then got up left.

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