What do you get when you put the words cat and cafe together? For me, I think that this sounds like paradise.

Did you know that cat cafes exist here in the Hudson Valley? I’m happy that more people are showing compassion for animals and doing what they can for them.

I was shocked to learn all about the cat cafes that exist in our area. In these cafes, the adoptable cats have the chance to show off their charm, love and playful ways to win the hearts of cat lovers who visit there.

As an alternative to animal shelters, cat cafes allow visitors to see cats in a different setting with the chance of adopting them out to a loving, fur-ever home.

Stop by these cat cafes in the Hudson Valley to enjoy a fresh coffee, relaxing lunch and love from kitties waiting to be adopted.

Beans Cat Cafe, Beacon

Located in one of my favorite little towns, Beans Cat Cafe has so much to offer to Beacon. As for the goodies, Beans Cat Cafe is partnered with Newburgh Flour Shop for their ingredients. There are two sides to this cafe, the cafe and the cats lounge.

Click here to see who resides at their cat cafe. *Be aware that your heart might burst with cuteness,

Mew Haven Cat Cafe, Connecticut 

They stand for their mission of cats.coffee.community. Mew Haven Cat Cafe takes pride in being the first cat cafe in the US that opened 8 months prior to 2015. They understand the bond between humans and cats and thought this would be a perfect opportunity for help our furry friends.

Find out more about their story here

MeWow Cat Cafe, Pennsylvania 

You can meet the adoptable kitties here. It must be such a great thing to see the cats cage free in this cafe. If you are able to make a donation, little or big, any little bit helps. 

Check out how you can make your donation here. 

If you dont have the time to stop in and visit the kitties, donations are always welcome.

Have you ever been to a cat cafe before? Let us know below.

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