The "world's deadliest" creature enjoys living in New York State more than almost any other state in the US.

I'll be honest, I was shocked to learn what animal is considered the "world's deadliest" creature.

The World's Deadliest Creature Invades New York State


Can you guess? It's much smaller than most would assume.

The mosquito is the "world's deadliest animal," according to the CDC.


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New York State Is One Of America's Most Mosquito Prone States

Insuranks recently name the 10 hotspots in America for mosquitoes. New York State ranked in the top 4.


"The Empire State’s high number of West Nile cases and overall mosquito species, along with its average summertime rainfall, helped earn it the fourth spot. This shows that it’s not only places known for their hot and humid climates year round (like Louisiana and Florida) that deal with these pesky insects in excess," Insuranks states about New York.

New York State has over 70 mosquito species with 79 reported cases of West Nile Virus in 2022.

Only Florida, Louisana and South Dakota have more mosquitoes.

Michigan, Nevada, Washington and Oregon have the least mosquitoes.

New York City One Of The Nations Leading Cities For Mosquito Bites


Orkin looked at the "Top 50 Mosquito Cities."

For the second straight year, New York City ranked third.

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For the third straight year, Los Angeles landed in first place. Chicago placed second.

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