Health experts believe this summer could be the worst when it comes to ticks. While others are calling the local area the "epicenter of tick-borne diseases."

After what officials call a new and shocking Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that warns tick infections are spreading rapidly, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer is calling on the CDC to fight when it comes to tick-borne diseases.

“When it comes to our exploding tick-borne disease problem, the Hudson Valley has been feeling the brunt of the brutal bite for years and would greatly benefit from an increase in federal funding necessary to head this tick season off at the pass,” Schumer said Wednesday in Rockland County. “The good news here is that we have the money, thanks to the just-passed bi-partisan federal spending bill I negotiated and President Trump signed. The bad news is that under the current system, by the time these federal dollars make their way to critical communities, the tick season could be well underway. That’s why, today, I am turning up the spotlight on the Hudson Valley’s tick plight and urging the CDC to use the increase in funding we directed their way to do more to help the counties fight tick-borne diseases like Lyme, Babesia, and Powassan.”

According to Schumer, the CDC received an additional $900 million to battle tick-borne diseases across the Hudson Valley. Schumer adds it's vital the CDC use the budget increase immediately to address tick-borne illnesses like Powassan and Lyme.

Recent trends have shown that Lyme disease infections have been rising steadily over the past four years, reaching a peak for those time frames in the last recorded year, 2015, officials say.

Schumer said that according to the New York State Department of Health, reported Lyme Disease cases in the seven-year period from 2008-2015 have increased over 500 percent.

“Rockland County and the Hudson Valley are the epicenter of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases,” Rockland County Executive Ed Day said. “I want to thank Senator Schumer for his advocacy and for securing more money to fight and research Lyme disease. Now is the time to bring that federal money here to fight tick-borne diseases and safeguard our families during the summer season.”

According to Schumer, The CDC and other tick-borne disease experts predict that this summer could be one of the worst when it comes to the population of ticks.

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