Everything is expensive lately, this is no surprise.  Something that has always had a quite large (but usually worth it) price tag is a college education.  Even the process of applying to and selecting your school of choice! Those application fees can certainly add up.  If you (or someone you know) are in the heart of the college application process and you have SUNY schools on your list, well here's some excellent and cost-saving news for you!

Apply To SUNY For Free, 10/24-11/6

Application season is upon high school seniors, and the thought of the amount of money it costs to submit your application to multiple schools is enough to make some people break into a cold sweat. SUNY is giving applicants the opportunity to save up to $250 with their 'Apply to SUNY for Free' initiative, happening right now, October 24th through November 6th.

Applicants can submit up to 5 SUNY applications, without charge.  Typically, there is a $50 fee associated with each individual application submitted to a SUNY school, so if you were considering multiple SUNY applications, now would be the time to get your materials together to submit.

The SUNY New Paltz campus.
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How To Apply With No Application Fees Through November 6th

There are a few different ways to apply to the 64 schools that make up the SUNY system (yes, 64 in total, find the complete list here).  There's something called the 'Common App' where you apply individually, campus by campus.  On each individual application, there should be a comment indicating that it is 'free application week' that you'll need to check to make sure that SUNY takes care of the application fee for you.

If applying through the common application, you can check that box for up to five different SUNY schools.

There's also the ApplySUNY site where you can simultaneously apply to multiple SUNY campuses at once, with all required application materials hosted in one place.  Once you get to the payment page of the application process, your first five campus application fees will be waived.


If you're a little overwhelmed with the different application types (and it is completely natural to feel that way during the college application process) there are great resources and FAQ information here - just remember to get those applications in before the fee waiver deadline ends on November 6th!

Happy applying, and here's to plenty of acceptance letters in your future!

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