The amount of people moving out of New York State is almost double the number of people moving into the state.

Well, United Van Lines’ 40th Annual National Movers Study found that 63 percent of moves in New York State were of people moving out-of-state. 37 percent were people moving into the state.

New Jersey and Illinois tied with New York for first place in outbound moves at 63 percent. Connecticut placed fourth at 60 percent.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut made the list of top outbound states for the second straight year, the study reports.

In New York, 24.3 percent left the state due to retirement. 21.28 percent for family, 17.67 percent for lifestyle and 6.51 percent for health.

“This year’s data clearly reflects retirees’ location preferences. We are seeing more retirees than ever decide to relocate, and as a result, new retirement hubs are popping up in Western states, stated Michael Stoll, economist, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Interestingly enough, these retirees are leaving at such a fast pace that the movement of millennials to urban areas in the Midwest and Northeast is being overshadowed.”

South Dakota, Vermont, Oregon, Idaho and South Carolina were the states with the most people moving in, the study found.

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