We may have gotten some rain but we definitely didn't get enough.  Throughout the summer various burn bans and water restrictions have been taking effect in various communities around the Hudson Valley. Today you can add the Town of New Paltz to the list.

At 1:05 PM on August 31st, 2022, the Town of New Paltz declared a State of Emergency and Burn Ban in effect as of 3 PM  and running through September 30th, 2022. The announcement was made on their website and was also shared through social media.

Why Did New Paltz Declare a State of Emergency?

Fire from match

Over the past few days, local fire departments have been just outside New Paltz battling a forest fire which has resulted in Minnewaska State Park being closed and other recreational areas issuing warnings to potential visitors.

The Town of New Paltz cited the recent drought conditions which have obvious consequences when it comes to wildfires as the reason for the statement being issued today. The concern for public safety has risen and the town is concerned about the water supply being low.

According to the statement issued today, the state of emergency and ban includes no outdoor burning, and no what they call combustible materials such as fireworks. The point is to avoid any potential fire from starting due to a random spark or flame. They also went as far as to say that if you go against the ban you should expect the fire department to arrive to extinguish the fire.

However, the ban apparently does not apply to the activities listed below. (direct from the release issued on the Town of New Paltz Website site.)

  • Firefighting training
  • Burn operations approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • All outdoor burning of yard trash, household paper products, bonfires, campfires, warming fires, outdoor fireplaces, chimneys, and cooking fires within said jurisdictions is prohibited unless:

1) authorized by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation;

2) for cooking of food exclusively within a contained gas or charcoal grill.



Be safe out there and let's hope for some wet weather soon. In the meantime why not try one of these out-of-the-way places for drinks and dinner?

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