City of Newburgh police went into the final days of 2019 responding to stabbings, a shooting and reports of shots fired.

Friday Stabbing

According to a press release issued by the department on Monday, officers responded to Montefiore St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital on Friday, Dec. 27 at 6:31PM for a report of a stabbing victim. The man appeared intoxicated but was able to tell police where the incident occurred. Information on the location was not immediately available. The man's wounds were not believed to be life-threatening, and the stabbing is under investigation by City of Newburgh detectives.

Friday Shooting

Less than a half-hour after the report of a stabbing, City of Newburgh police responded to a Shot Spotter Activation that showed eight gunshots on William Street. Shot Spotter technology issues an alert to law enforcement when audio of an apparent gunshot is detected.

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While officers responded to the initial shooting report, Shot Spotter Activation indicated another round of gunshots on William Street. Police responded to the report of three gunshots and found one victim with a gunshot wound to his leg. The victim was not cooperative and was transported to Montefiore St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, City of Newburgh police said. The City of Newburgh Police Department Non-Fatal Shooting Taskforce is investigating the incident.

Saturday Shots Fired

On Saturday, Dec. 28 at 6:34PM, a Shot Spotter Activation was issued for Courtney Avenue. Officers who responded to the scene found shell casings but did not find any victims or cooperative witnesses. City of Newburgh detectives are investigating Saturday's shots fired report.

Sunday Stabbing

Another stabbing in the city occurred on the night of Sunday, Dec. 29. Police responded to Montefiore St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital for a report of a man stabbed in the stomach. The man was initially uncooperative before being rushed into surgery. The victim is in stable condition, and City of Newburgh detectives are investigating the incident.

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