Move over chocolate filled hearts and traditional rose bouquets for Valentine's Day gifts, and make room for the ultimate carb-lovers dream, a heart shaped box full of cheddar bay biscuits....for your 'cheddar bae' - yes, went there.

Beginning on February 10th, if you place an order from for a half dozen of the infamous cheddar bay biscuits, you can add a heart shaped box (Nirvana pun intended) for an additional $1 - and that's not all, it also has a FRIENDS quote on the box.

You know, 'the one with the lobster.'

According to

Because you can pick this up with your regular Red Lobster order—or have it delivered—this is a totally no-brainer plan for Valentine's Day. That being said, these are only available for a limited time and while supplies last, so do yourself and your loved one a favor and get the Valentine's Day celebrating out of the way a little early.

Imagine all the bonus points you'd score with your FRIENDS loving Valentine when they receive some cheddar bay goodness with a classic quote from the show, wrapped up, with love, in a red heart shaped box.

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