Leave it up to the Hudson Valley to be fashionably late. It's a compliment and works in our favor, I promise.

We're back again with another update from ILoveNY.com and their Fall Foliage report. And while all of New York State look like they are "at peak" or "past peak," parts of the Hudson Valley are enjoying their time at a mid-point.

A look at the ILoveNY map shows that we're still expecting a little more change in the Poughkeepsie/Dutchess County area. According to the Foliage Report, "Foliage will range from near-peak to peak in Dutchess County near Poughkeepsie this weekend, with 75% transition predicted." They explain that colors will change at higher elevations in the eastern part of the county.

With that being said, Beacon will see a "60% change, as the mountain areas still have many green leaves." AKA, if you're hiking Mount Beacon you'll still be seeing green.

If you're looking for those deep reds, oranges, and bright yellows head out to the Ulster County area. The foliage report says that Kingston is on track to see an "85% change and peak conditions for the upcoming weekend." Peak conditions on a weekend? Get ready for some serious traffic.

Orange County is looking pretty good too. They're predicting a "65% change and peak conditions" adding you'll see "brilliant fiery shades of orange and warm golden hues."

Sounds like we're set for a beautiful fall weekend in the Hudson Valley. Will you be going to check out the foliage? Where's your spot? Take some pictures and share it with us through our mobile app.

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