I guess "Wherever I May Roam" leads to Upstate New York.

Upstate New York could get a little louder. A former member of one of the biggest metal bands in history is rumored to have recently bought a home in New York.

Many people continue to leave crowded cities since the quarantine. Fear of yet another outbreak at an even larger scale has got many Americans worried about another government shutdown. According to the New York Times, over 400,000 people fled New York City alone just months into the coronavirus outbreak.

Property values continue to climb here in the Hudson Valley as residents from New York City continue to look to escape.

It looks like even celebrities are looking to pack up and move Upstate.

Not just any celebrity though. We've got rock and roll royalty possibly heading our way.

Blabbermouth reports from Syracuse.com that Jason Newsted, former bassist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee has purchased a home in Skaneateles for just over $6 million. Skaneateles is roughly three hours west of the Hudson Valley. Newsted isn't escaping the city as it's reported that he has had a home in Florida and in California.

What do you think Newsted is doing in New York? Usually people fly south. Do you think James and Lars would come to Skaneateles to visit?


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