What's that smell!? A "skunk" smelling flower is now blooming in New York that officials warn is "poisonous."

As the calendar changed to Spring the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation took to Facebook to tell Empire States residents and "skunk" like smell in the air might not be coming from a skunk.

Skunk Flower In New York Is "Toxic," "Poisonous"


Skunk cabbage flowers are typically the first wildflowers to bloom in the spring in New York, according to the DEC.

"As Mother Nature wakes up, watch for one of the classic signs of spring—dragon claws emerging from the earth 🐉…just kidding! These are young skunk cabbage flowers—one of the first native wildflowers to bloom in spring. Named for their memorable odor, skunk cabbage flowers are pollinated by lesser-known pollinators such as flies and beetles, who are drawn to the flower’s pungent, carrion-like scent," the DEC states.

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Poisonous Skunk Flower Is Blooming In New York State, Native To Finger Lakes Region

More Than Just A Stinky Plant

The DEC also reported these flowers are "more than just a stinker!

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"Skunk cabbage is more than just a stinker! Flowers can generate their own heat to melt snow and ice around them and provide a warm respite to early spring insects during cold dips in temperature. Additionally, their seeds provide food for a variety of birds," the DEC states.

There's another "toxic" plant that can be deadly that's spreading in New York.

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