Jim Norton will be bringing his act to Poughkeepsie this Spring.

Jim Norton has become one of the most respected comedians among fans and other entertainers over the few years. Norton is a well known comic who has been making audiences laugh for over 2 decades.

Some of you may recognize Norton from either his radio or television career. Some of his most memorable moments were on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. His film credits include Spider-Man, the Comedy Roast of Bob Saget and he even played Don Rickles in The Irishman.

I think it's safe to say that most of us could use a laugh here in the Hudson Valley. They say laughter heals and a local comedy club has been bringing some amazing talent to their venue. It was announced today that Norton will be performing at Laugh It Up! Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie will in April of 2022. He'll be playing three sets. One on April 8 and two shows on April 9. You can get more show and ticket information

Norton reportedly last played in the area 15 years ago.

It might not seem like it but it will be April sooner than you expect. You may want to get your tickets for this one early.


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