It was announced on Monday by Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Director of Economic Development and Tourism Lucy Rezeposki announced $278,000 in grants to 29 organizations promoting tourism in Rockland County. The figure of $278,000 is the most money that has been invested in tourism ever for the county.

Investment in Tourism for Rockland County, NY

According to the Rockland County Government, the average household would have to pay an additional $556 in yearly property taxes to maintain current services if not for tourism-generated sales and local taxes. The county-funded grants are competitive and performance expectations are attached to ever dollar awarded.

County Executive Day said, " Tourism has endless benefits; it creates jobs, strengthens economies, and contributes to infrastructure development. When visitors explore our downtowns, eat at our restaurants, or shop in our stores, they are not just fueling our economy, they are stabilizing taxes for our residents."

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Lucy Redzeposki, Economic Development and Tourism Director, had this to say, "Economic development via tourism plays a major role in the health and vitality of the county. The organizations awarded today will be able to showcase our county and attract visitors.

Below is a list of the organizations receiving grant funding.


Public Response to the Tourism Grant Announcement in Rockland County

Residents took to social media to express their opinions on the matter. Posts regarding the matter have received a decent amount of likes and shares on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of the comments; though very few, have questions for or attack the grants.

One comment on Facebook said,

What about housing ur more interested in the tourism then helping the families that really needs homes /apts

Another on Instagram also said,

Tourism in Rockland? Is this a joke? The only thing anyone would ever want to come see is possibly the hopper house in Nyack ..

Based on the 29 organizations receiving funds, I think it is fair to say that plenty is going on in Rockland County, and it is only going to get better. County Executive Day strongly believes that the organizations receiving these funds will promote the county and meet all expectations. Day feels confident that Rockland's theater's art centers, riverfronts, and downtowns will have visitors coming back for more.

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