Police say a fight in the parking lot of a local Mcdonald's led to one person "suffering serious physical injuries." According to authorities, it all started because of road rage. Now, one New York man has turned himself over to police and is facing felony assault charges.

Oddly enough, this very same fast food location was the scene of an even more bizarre incident this Spring.

Police in Saugerties Say Road Rage Incident Turned Violent 

Saugerties Police said in a press release that a 31-year-old suspect turned himself over to authorities Tuesday afternoon after the incident from late last month. Saugerties Police said that they had responded to a fight in progress in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant on Route 212 in the Town of Saugerties.

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An investigation determined that the fight started because of a road rage incident on Ulster Avenue that night. Police say this culminated in a Grimace-sized smackdown between the suspect and victim. The suspect fled the scene before police arrived, though he turned himself over Tuesday.


Police say the suspect was processed at headquarters on the Felony of Assault in the 2nd Degree.

Police did not indicate what exactly happened on the road which eventually led to the fight.

Woman Allegedly Filmed Herself Naked at Very Same Saugerties McDonald's in Spring 

Apparently, this location is a hotbed for strange local news stories.

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Saugerties Police said back in May, a 49-year-old Westbury woman lay on the sidewalk next to the same McDonald's, pulled her pants and underwear off and then proceeded to repeatedly raise her legs over her head.

But don't get your hopes up, this will never make it to OnlyFans. Police say they have secured video of this drive-thru peep show in furtherance of the investigation.

Saugerties officials say the same woman then got into her SUV, and popped out of the sunroof, with her breast exposed. Police say the whole fast food strip tease was being streamed by a friend, who was recording her at the time.

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