A waterfront re-development plan for Poughkeepsie, almost twenty years in the making is poised to begin pending approval from the city government.

A joint venture between the City of Poughkeepsie and the Bonura Hospitality Group to re-mediate three Brownfield sites along the river and develop them led to the building of Shadows on the Hudson, Water Club Luxury Apartments and the upcoming Poughkeepsie Landing.  The plans were unveiled Thursday by Joe Bonura Jr. in what he calls "the crowning achievement of a public-private partnership between the City of Poughkeepsie and the Bonura family which will be an amenity-rich recreational and residential space that will revitalize the area."

Provided by Bonura Hospitality Group

The site, immediately south of Shadows will feature a three-story structure with retail and dining on the ground floor with a total of fifty apartments spread across the second and third stories.  The original agreement called for commercial office space on the third floor and according to Bonura, there is more of a demand for residential space so he will be asking the city to approve the change.  One the required approvals are granted, Bonura estimated that the entire project could be done within a year.

In addition to the building, the plan calls for a large pool that will be open to the public, an open air market space, an amphitheater for live entertainment and a promenade that will run the entire length of the parcel, connecting to the existing waterfront walkway at Shadows and then proceed north to Kaal Rock.

Provided by Bonura Hospitality Group

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