What did Paul Jr. really think about Thursday night's return of "American Chopper?"

It's been years since the Teutul family has been on TV. After the public blowout between Paul Sr. and his son the show ended and the family was left with broken ties and ugly lawsuits.

Hoping to put all of that negativity behind them, Senior and Junior agreed to reunite for a new season of "American Chopper."  We spoke to Senior the day before the show aired, and he told us he was a little nervous about how the show would be edited. While everything that happens on camera is real, the show has the power to craft a story through editing.

Neither Senior or Junior had a chance to preview the season premiere before it aired for the very first time on Thursday night. We spoke to Paul Jr. after the airing to get his reaction, and to find out what else is in store for viewers in upcoming episodes.

New episodes of "American Chopper" will return in May on Discovery.

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