A retired police officer is now letting the Hudson Valley try his multiple award-winning cheesecakes!

Peter Brown, the owner and operator of a small cheesecake business in Washingtonville, Grandpa Moustache, took first place for Best Plain Cheesecake for the third straight year at the New Jersey State Fair in Sussex, N.J.

Brown is a retired NYPD detective and sergeant. After retiring from the NYPD he worked with bomb-sniffing dogs. Along with his wife, June, he raised five boys in Washingtonville and now has six grandchildren.

For over 25 years, Brown has been baking cheesecakes for family and friends. He recently started selling his award-winning cheesecakes out of his small bakery located at 32 West Main Street in Washingtonville.

Brown's cheesecake business, Grandpa Moustache's Cheesecakes, "specialize in delicious New York-style cheesecakes made with a little Brooklyn attitude," according to the companies Facebook.

According to Peter's son, Patrick, Peter has won 13 out of 13 ribbons in the categories he’s entered over the past three years at the New Jersey State Fair. That includes seven first-place finishes and four second-place finishes.

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