The famous Thousand Islands mansion that has sat abandoned for more than 70 years is getting new life. Renovations on the crumbling castle are finally underway, making way for a beautiful bed and breakfast.

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Crumbling Castle With Sad History

The home on Carleton Island in Cape Vincent, New York, was built in 1895 for William Wyckoff, the president of Remington Arms and Typewriter Company. Wyckoff never got to enjoy it though. He died of a heart attack the night he moved in, according to Thousands Island Life. His wife is said to have passed away about a month before the mansion was finished.

Credit - Carleton Villa via Facebook
Credit - Carleton Villa via Facebook

Abandoned Over 70 Years

Wyckoff's youngest son Clarence inherited the home that was used until around 1927. It sat abandoned on a 6.9-acre island surrounded by almost a thousand feet of waterfront on the St Lawrence River for more than 7 decades.

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Photo Credit -

Giving History a New Life

Ronald Clapp, a Florida real estate investor bought the old mansion after finding it online in 2021. He plans to transform the property to its former glory, turning the crumbling castle into a Bed & Breakfast with a restaurant on the first floor and accommodations on the upper floors.

I see the family gatherings, the fireworks, the fancy royal-like balls, the dinner parties, the various events, the Fall festivals, the seafood Shore dinners, the children playing in the front lawn, swimming in the North Bay, the peaceful sunsets from the porch, the sound of fireplaces crackling and warming the home. I could go on and on about what I see in the future.

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Credit - Carleton Villa via Facebook
Credit - Carleton Villa via Facebook

Renovations Begin

A year after Clapp found the mansion online, renovations got underway. The first step was seeing what could be salvaged from the mansion before the cleanup began, a challenge Clapp knows is daunting.

"All the more of a celebration we will have when it is finished. If this project were easy many would have done it already."

Clapp is looking for building contractors, architects, engineers, restoration specialists, tradesmen, electricians, plumbers, woodworkers, and skilled craftsmen to help with the project. If you have a specialty or trade you think would be beneficial reach out to Clapp at or on Facebook where you can also follow the progress.

Renovations Begin on Famous Thousand Island Castle Abandoned For 70 Years

Renovations begin on the famous Thousand Islands mansion that has sat abandoned over 70 years.

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