The remains of a Hudson Valley woman who went missing over 30 years ago were found. Her parents stated she got involved with a "cult leader" before going missing.

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Brenda Kreber was last seen in her White Plains home on Sept. 28, 1989, at the age of 40. The White Plains Police Department reopened her missing person’s case based on a recent discovery by DEP Police of a vehicle submerged in an upstate reservoir, matching the description of a vehicle relevant to the case.

Kerber's 1982 Ford Granada was recovered from the Muscoot Reservoir in late January. The vehicle, which was removed from the water by State Police and DEP Police personnel, was treated as evidence.

Apparent human remains were found in the vehicle, police say. Those remains were later confirmed to be Kreber. Police believe her death was suicide by drowning, People reports.

According to her parents, Kerber got involved with a cult leader, Frederick P. Lenz III, who went by the name Zen Master Rama, about two years before she went missing. Her diary stated Kerber lost her job and owed money to Lenz added Lenz was "cold to her," according to her parents.

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