With all the trauma going on in the world pretty regularly these days, it's nice to come across a feel good story that brings a smile to your face, and in this case, likely a tear to your eye.  A local high school baseball team has gone Hudson Valley-viral for an act of kindness that left an impact on a fellow student.

Roy C. Ketcham Varsity Baseball Team

Late last week a video began circulating on several social media platforms about what the Roy C. Ketcham Varsity Baseball team did for a fellow RCK student.  The team was made aware that a fellow student, John Williams had lost his air pods.  Several of the baseball team players have grown quite fond of John, who is an autistic student at RCK in Wappingers Falls, always showing him support.  When the team heard that this happened to John, and that he was really shook up over the whole situation, they immediately took action.

One of the players on the baseball team, Riley Weatherwax, with help from his parents, took the lead in starting a collection to purchase John a new pair of air pods.  The team collectively letting John know they care about him, meanwhile John had no idea it was happening.  As you can see in the video above he was pretty shocked, and the video also highlights that John's dad was there when the team presented his son with the gift.
Twitter: Ketcham Girls Basketball
Twitter: Ketcham Girls Basketball

Proud Of Our Ketcham Baseball Players...

In speaking with RCK Head Baseball Coach Patrick Mealy, who also serves as a Physical Education Teacher and the Head Girls Basketball Coach, he shared how proud he was of the team, citing the gesture by his team as unbelievable.

John Williams is an incredible young man who has been through his share of obstacles in his lifetime - I couldn't be more proud of our Ketcham Baseball players for taking the initiative and acting in such an admirable and caring way...it was truly a special moment that certainly surpasses wins on the field.

A Single Gesture Goes A Long Way

The post has been circulated and shared across many social media platforms, with thousands of views on Twitter alone.  Positive comments from various RCK groups, teams, and Hudson Valley community members has reinforced what a heartwarming gesture this was.

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