You have the opportunity to own a very unique piece of McDonald's history. The hand-made cake topper was supposedly used for the wedding of Mcdonald's Founder, Ray Kroc, and it's for sale here in the Hudson Valley.

According to the seller, this very interesting and rare cake topper was used for Ray Kroc's 1969 wedding to Joan Kroc. Meeting at a Mcdonald's conference in 1969, they were married six months later. They were married until Ray Kroc passed away in 1984.

Now, is this really the item that was used as the cake topper for Ray Kroc's wedding? Perhaps, but I cannot find any actual proof. I can prove that Ray and Joan married, but in terms of this particular cake topper, my searches did not produce anything.

The cake topper is made of Sterling silver, silver plate, and other materials that include animal bone. The seller is asking $10,000 for this item. Could it be worth that? Sure, why not, I mean, I would never buy it, it's still a pretty unique piece.

Whoever made this piece, definitely put a lot of time into it, and for the time it was made, it looks pretty fancy.

Rare McDonald's Cake Topper

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