The dummies hanging outside of a Hudson Valley restaurant were getting a lot of publicity. After being told to take the dummies down multiple times the owner claims that we haven't seen the last of them.

If you live in Poughkeepsie or belong to any local Facebook groups you've probably noticed that the Poughkeepsie Steakhouse had put out dozens of dummies on display outside of their restaurant.

Since March many restaurants began doing whatever they can to either drum up as many takeout orders as they can or get the maximum number of people in their doors. The Poughkeepsie Steakhouse is proving that sometimes you just have to get creative.

Initially, the Poughkeepsie Steakhouse wanted to let people know they were still open as many stores did during the quarantine. The Poughkeepsie Steakhouse placed dummies on Vassar Road to let people know that they were open during the early days of the pandemic. According to the owner, about a week later the Town of Poughkeepsie issued the restaurant a certified letter with a citation stating he had to remove the dummies because it was illegal to advertise using the dummies.

Credit: Poughkeepsie Steakhouse
Credit: Poughkeepsie Steakhouse

The dummies were originally purchased to be put at tables to help enforce social distancing.

The owner of the establishment, Bob Dooley quickly removed them from the road and then placed all 24 dummies in his possession in the restaurant's outdoor dining area.

According to the owner, the town sent him yet another letter requesting that he take them down even though the signs were all taken down. The letter was allegedly from the Town of Poughkeepsie but not in the form of an official citation.

The dummies brought a lot of laughs to local residents over the past few weeks.

Bob's not done with dummies quite yet.

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