If you see these things that look like odd bird houses, go ahead, let yourself do a double take. Slow down and check them out, what is behind those doors? Believe it or not, it is a library. Yep, not one where you need a special card to 'check things out.' Not one where you need to bring the book back in two weeks, in fact, if you loved the book that much, you can keep it. You won't get a fine in the mail, and no one will ever know.

There are called Mini-Libraries or Little Free Libraries and they are put together by volunteers and then people will swing by, grab a book or maybe even put a few in. There is even a website where people can register their library, so others know about it.

It is a great way to read books on a variety of subjects or interests that you might not even thought about.

Good news readers, there are now seven of these little gems in the City of Poughkeepsie. Here is where you can find them (from the City of Poughkeepsie E-Newsletter and for whom each one has been dedicated in honor of:

  • Dutchess County Legislator Barbara Jeter-Jackson, Poughkeepsie City Hall
  • Tracy Hermann at Spratt Park.
  • Mikeyin Allah, Jr., at Mansion Square Park
  • Johanna McKinney at King St. Park
  • James McFields at Pulaski Park
  • Amara Parker at Waryas Park
  • Chay Ortiz at Bartlett Park

If the ones above are not near you, check out the map on the Little Free Library website. I checked it, and there were about 35 or so in the immediate area that were on the map and probably an additional 10 or 15, that I know exists that are not on the map.

Happy reading!

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