A popular bagel shop known for its amazing stuffed bagels was recently highlighted on NBC's Today Show.

There are many popular bagel shops throughout the Hudson Valley area, so there is no shortage of great bagels, but one particular shop in Ulster County sets them apart from everyone else. And now they're making national TV.

NBC Youtube
NBC Youtube

I had never known or heard about stuffed bagels until my girlfriend Shannon Cooke mentioned Moonrise Bagels to me. She had enjoyed them while working at the Woodstock Film Festival last year and when I heard that these were a thing, it immediately piqued my interest.

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Moonrise Bagels in Woodstock, NY reportedly offers these tasty delights. The story of Moonrise Bagels goes back to New Year's Eve 2020, and the idea of stuffing pizza inside a bagel. After months of experimenting, the idea became reality, and word quickly spread through Woodstock about the stuffed bagels.

NBC Youtube
NBC Youtube


Moonrise Bagels at 68 Tinker St in Woodstock now offers local New York bagels stuffed with your favorite comfort foods, baked locally in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Co-founders Jeremy and Ali fell in love after meeting in 2015 in New York City. The two were born and raised in New York (Long Island and Woodstock respectively).

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It's What's Inside That Counts

Over 20,000 stuffed bagels have been sold since Moonrise Bagels opened in Dec. 2021, with the slogan  "It's what's inside that counts" being the shop's theme. Popular stuffed bagels at Moonrise Bagels include the Pizza Stuffed bagel, Philly Cheesesteak and The Reuben, with their Bacon, Egg and Cheese stuffed bagel being their most popular.

The couple was featured on NBC's Today Show last week. Al Roker shares their story in the video clip below.

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