Local policed saved another life with the help of over four doses of Narcan.

On Tuesday, deputies from the Putnam County Department of Health revived a Patterson man from an apparent narcotics overdose thanks to the life-saving actions of sheriff deputies and paramedics.

Around 7 p.m., someone called 911 and reported that a man was unconscious of a suspected drug overdose at a home on Concord Road in Patterson.

Responding officers found the man unresponsive in the garage, displaying signs of an opioid overdose, police say.

The deputies gave the man four nasal spray doses of Narcan, a drug that’s proven to reverse the effects of an opioid overdoes.

Moments later, paramedic’s arrived on the scene and administered more naloxone to the victim intravenously, police say.

Soon, the man regained consciousness and was taken to Putnam Hospital Center for further treatment.

“Thanks to the fast response by deputies and paramedics and thanks to their training and equipping with the opioid antidote, the man’s life was saved,” Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith said.

The sheriff’s office reminds residents that the State Health Department has made naloxone available to the public at pharmacies without a prescription.

“Naloxone can save lives from overdoses and can give a person a second chance, but of course it isn’t a cure for opioid addiction. It is up to the person who gets that second chance to use the opportunity to seek professional treatment of his or her addiction,” Smith said.

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