During an undercover operation, 15 Hudson Valley businesses were accused of selling alcohol to a minor.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police both conducted a series of undercover alcoholic beverage sales compliance checks at 103 businesses that sell alcohol.

During the checks, an underage person, under the direct supervision of police, attempts to buy alcohol from the establishment without showing proof of age, which is required by law. If a sale is completed, the person who sold the alcohol is arrested.

Below are the 15 businesses who allegedly sold alcohol to a minor:

  • Border Beer and Soda: 3867 Danbury Rd, Brewster (Two employees arrested)
  • House of Wine and Liquors/ Kent Liquors: 1100 Route 52, Carmel
  • Route 311 Liquors/ Patterson Wine and Liquors: 1270, Route 311, Patterson
  • Carmel Beverage Center: 323 Route 52, Carmel
  • Brewster Gas and Mart 76: 494 North Main Street, Brewster.
  • Gulf: 1122 Route 9D, Garrison
  • Citgo Borderline Food and Beverage: 182 Fairfield Drive, Brewster
  • Putnam Wine and Spirits: 1926 Route 6, Carmel
  • Brewster Gas and Mart 76: 494 North Main Street, Brewster
  • El Universal: 26 Main Street, Brewster
  • Route 22 Convenience Store: 876 Route 22, Brewster
  • Saj & V Grocery: 145 Main Street, Brewster
  • La Guadalupana Mini-Mart: 70 Main Street, Brewster
  • 76 Mart: 494 North Main Street, Brewster
  •  Route 6 Petroleum: 250 U.S. Route 6, Mahopac

According to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, underage drinking is associated with the three most common causes of death among youth, including accidental deaths (e.g., car crashes), homicides, and suicides. The State Police will continue to conduct underage drinking enforcement details statewide in order to protect the citizens of NYS and its youth.

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