A historic Hudson Valley building is getting a second life as a new business that will show off the beauty of the region.

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Historic Hudson Valley Building Revived as New Business

A historic Hudson Valley building is getting a second life as a new business that will show off the beauty of the region. 

The Hudson Whaler Hotel a new hotel in the heart of Hudson will debut on June 22.

The Hudson Whaler Hotel was made to help celebrate the town’s rich maritime history through thoughtful design, programs and artwork. The hotel’s 16 suites embody the culture and past of Hudson with modern touches designed by New York-based designer Harry Heissmann, officials say.

Following a restoration, The Hudson Whaler Hotel preserves the integrity of the historic building it resides in while introducing contemporary touches that speak to the desires of today’s travelers.

"The new hotel incorporates modern style while staying true to the property’s historic roots, with thoughtful touches that gently remind visitors of Hudson’s maritime origin. Inspired by the nautical and artistic nuances of the charming town, The Hudson Whaler Hotel exudes an unmatched sense of ease and refinement centrally located on Hudson’s main spine, Warren Street," The Hudson Whaler Hotel said in a press release.

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The hotel is also located just steps from popular shops, galleries and restaurants and offers guests access to a host of outdoor experiences for all seasons, including hiking, skiing and water activities. Reservations are now being accepted.

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