A growing number of Hudson Valley residents are reporting seeing dangerous wild animals near their homes.

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On Friday, Mike Mac posted a photo of what appears to be a bobcat in his backyard. In the "Hudson Valley in pictures" Facebook group, he added the photo was taken "on the border" of Greenwood Lake.

"Back yard life with a new buddy," the caption reads.

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On Thursday, Chris McIntosh posted photos of bears he spotted in Warwick.

"Mama black bear and her large kids out for a walk," the caption reads.

In another photo, McIntosh highlights the "mother of three cubs in the mountains surrounding Greenwood Lake."

Also on Thursday, the City of Peekskill Police Department received a report of a bear sighting in the area of Welcher Avene. and Washington Street.

"If you happen to spot a Bear please do not approach or disturb. If you feel Police assistance is required please give us a call at 914-737-8000," the City of Peekskill Police Department wrote on Facebook.

In March, six hungry bears were spotted looking for food near Hudson Valley homes. In January, a Hudson Valley homeowner's cat took on a bobcat. Photos of both encounters are posted below.

Housecat Takes on Dangerous Bobcat

6 Hungry Bears Spotted Next to Hudson Valley Home

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