A Hudson Valley teen is accused of stabbing a local woman multiple times in her pregnant stomach.

On Wednesday, November 30, police from the Lower Hudson Valley confirmed they arrested a suspect following a stabbing incident involving a pregnant woman.

Pregnant Woman Stabbed In Westchester County, New York


On Tuesday, November 29, at about 3:49 p.m., the New Rochelle Police Department received a call that a dispute led to a stabbing at a home on Lafayette Avenue in the West End of New Rochelle.

Responding officers responded and found a pregnant woman with two stab wounds to her stomach.

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Police described the stab wounds to the pregnant woman's stomach as "minor."

New Rochelle, New York Teen Accused Of Stabbing Pregnant Woman

Photo set of a youth pregnant mother

The suspect was later identified as 19-year-old Naisanagelly Sanche of age, of New Rochelle, New York.

She and the unnamed pregnant woman know each other, according to police. However, the police would not say how the two know each other. Police simply said the teen is an "acquaintance of the victim."

The woman was transported to Westchester Medical Center for treatment and was released, according to police. Her condition or injuries were not released.

Teen Suspect Arrested

The teen fled the scene by the time police arrived. New Rochelle police canvassed the area and found the Sanche at the end of Union Avenue near the intersection with 9th Street.


She was taken into custody without incident and charged with second-degree assault, a felony.

The conditions of the woman and her unborn baby are not known at this time.

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