For the first time in about 4 years, Orange County Choopers is now officially back with a new reality show.

While this show will have some of the same elements that made the Orange County Choopers family fan favorites, this new show will be different.

In the below video, Paul Teutul Sr. tell us why Orange County Choppers is doing a new show, how it's going to be different from the one that ran on the Discovery channel, and most importantly, how you can watch!


In a recent email sent to their fans, Orange County Choppers announced that they were working on a new version of their reality series, American Choppers.

“The bikes we used to build on the show were BIG projects, but we never really covered all the little projects we do,” the email said. “The $8,000 to $30,000 bikes and cars etc that we work on… So, with this new show, we are going to show you who we REALLY are.”

Early last year, rumors were flying that Orange County Choppers was going to be sold and the business shut down. Co-founder Paul Teutul Sr. told Hudson Valley Post what was really going on.

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