A Hudson Valley police department is warning residents that its not them calling you for money.

At least three or four times a year we are tasked with reminding Hudson Valley residents that there are numerous scams that thieves attempt to pull to steal your money. Departments from all over the area have routinely posted these types of warnings on social media to try and spread the word so that nobody else falls for the scam.


Phone Scam in Washingtonville, New York

A new phone scam has reportedly surfaced in the village of Washingtonville, NY located in the town of Blooming Grove, in Orange County, New York. The police department posted the warning on Facebook saying that they have received "multiple reports of someone using our phone number requesting payments to avoid an arrest warrant." The police department said that they will NEVER call anyone requesting payments of any kind.

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Have You Received a Call Like This?

If you have received a suspicious call like this from what appears to be the Washingtonville Police Departments' phone number, the department is asking residents to immediately hang up and contact the department immediately at 845-496-9123. The Washington PD also wanted to remind everyone that they should NEVER give out any of their personal information to anyone that has called them randomly.

Phone scams like this aren't new to the Hudson Valley and it's worth repeating, if you receive a phone call like the one mentioned above, don't give out any information, hang up and contact your local police department to report it.

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