A historic bar in Goshen, NY is offering complimentary dinner on Thanksgiving day.

It's always great to see local establishments giving back so generously around the holidays, and this Thanksgiving is no different. I was scrolling through Facebook as I usually do when I have some downtime and I stumbled upon a post from a Hudson Valley establishment that is going to be offering complimentary dinner to anyone interested on Thanksgiving.

While looking over the business's Facebook page, I also realized that this is something that they do every year, which is just amazing in my book!

Times are tough for everyone these days, everything including food is very expensive, and not everyone can afford to prepare a nice Thanksgiving dinner for themselves. Also, some people don't have any family to spend Thanksgiving with, so it's great to see an area establishment stepping up and lending a hand to those in need.

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New Street Tavern Offering Complimentary Thanksgiving Dinner

New Street Tavern in Goshen, NY (Orange County) took to social media recently to let everyone know that they would be offering a complimentary Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, Nov. 24 and that all are welcome.

"Happy Thanksgiving from New Street Tavern. Serving a full complimentary dinner for you on Thanksgiving Day at 3pm. All are Welcome", reads the Facebook posting from the establishment. 

New Street Tavern is a historical Orange County Tavern that dates back to the turn of the century, offering the best in live music according to the business's Facebook page. Kudos to New Street Tavern for this very nice gesture as we get into the holiday season.

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