If you don't think you've been getting the Internet speed you're actually paying for, you're not alone.

On Wednesday the New York State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Charter Communications, which purchased Time Warner last year in a $55 billion deal.

Bloomberg reports that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed the suit on behalf of New Yorkers who he says did not get the Internet speeds they were promised. Schneiderman claims that customers paying for the cable company's "premium plan" had Internet access that was up to 70 percent slower than advertised.

An investigation lasting 16 months included a review of internal memos and actual Internet speeds recorded by customers. There are 2.5 million subscribers in New York State who receive services by Spectrum, which is is the name that Time Warner Cable was changed to after being acquired by Charter last year.

Spectrum claims that the promises of faster Internet were made before Charter's acquisition, and are therefore not responsible. The company serves customers in Dutchess, Orange, Ulster and Sullivan Counties.

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