The police were recently called to shut down a lemonade stand run by children in the Hudson Valley, but it didn't go down as you would expect.

According to a Facebook post from Whitney Glover, children who lived in her neighborhood were running a lemonade stand on Monday, August 26, 2019. The stand was going on during rush hour in the Town of Newburgh. However, the entire neighborhood didn't think it was as good of an idea like Whitney did.

The Facebook post states that the Town of Newburgh Police arrived, saying they had received a call complaining about the stand. But instead of shutting down the lemonade stand, they both got a cup themselves. The lemonade stand is up and running again today, August 27, in the Town of Newburgh at Barclay Manor.

Seriously, when did people get so angry and bitter? They're KIDS. I swear, older generations complain kids don't go outside enough, then find a way to get mad when they are outside (remember Pokemon Go?). Get your sour self a cup of lemonade and cool off already.

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