During the outbreak of COVID19 one of the things that many of us have had on our mind is our favorite local businesses. If you are like me you probably have a favorite place you like to go for things like a breakfast sandwich, a gift for a friends or even a hobby supply. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful small locally owned business in the Hudson Valley.

Unfortunately with the COVID 19 pandemic we haven't been able to shop and dine the way we did before the shutdown this time last year. We have some of our favorite business have to close due to expenses and other challenges during the pandemic.

Recently, the first ever Hudson Valley Townsquare Townies were awarded to some of our unique business in the region. These and many other businesses are what make up the fabric of our community when it comes to local shopping, dining and recreation. Our dedication to our local business people has never been in question and now there is more evidence that we here in New York care about our hometown business especially now and in the months going forwarded post COVID.

A company named NEXT Insurance did a Study on how people are making an effort to support small business and it turn out that New York is doing pretty well, we made the top five. According to the study New York ranked 5th in the top ten of people making the greatest effort to support small business. The survey found that people are not only trying to support small business now but they are planning to do even more post pandemic.

A lot of the urgently is a result of people witnessing small businesses closing in their communities. In the study 85% of people said the have had small businesses close near them during the pandemic. The survey results may have only included 2800 people but I am confident that if you were to ask anyone here in the Hudson Valley how they felt you would get the same reaction. The Hudson Valley loves to shop and dine local.


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