New Yorkers who spend long hours outdoors have most likely encountered a tick or may have even been bitten.

These parasites are all over the East Coast and they are especially prevalent in New York State. The New York State Department of Health discovered over 30 different tick species call New York home. 10 of them actively bite humans and only about 4 of them can transmit diseases. These ticks are the Deer tick, Lone Star tick, American Dog tick and the Woodchuck tick.

New York State landed the number 2  second spot on the Centers for Disease Control's list of reported cases of tick-borne diseases. Ticks can carry diseases such as Lyme disease and babesiosis.
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Many New Yorkers are spending a lot of time outside right now and rightfully so. This is the perfect time to go out on a local trail or go to park. When you're outside you need to watch out for a common parasite. Ticks can carry several illnesses. It's a little know fact that they can be carried in your home and live for a few days to a week depending on the species of tick.

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New York Welcomes First Clinic Dedicated to Tick-Borne Illness.

The first clinic on the east coast to specialize in tick bites recently opened up on Long Island according to CBS News. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital's Resource Center can now diagnose both children and adults when it comes to tick-borne illness.

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