A Hudson Valley radio DJ is ready to fight for the Hudson Valley after a TikTok star, looking for a boxing match, made fun of the region.

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Corey Bonalewicz who's part of ALT 92.3's morning show in New York made headlines this week when he hit former boxing champing Paulie Malignaggi in the back of the head with chalk while broadcasting a celebrity boxing fight between singer Aaron Cater and former NBA star Lamar Odom.

Malignaggi tried to confront the New York radio DJ but was stopped by security. Bonalewicz goes by "Corey B" and has nearly 7 million TikTok followers. Turns out, it was all a plan because Bonalewicz wants to become a boxer after seeing the success of other social media stars Logan and Jake Paul.

Bonalewicz told Boxing Insider he's signed a contract with Celebrity Boxing and will fight someone on Oct 10. For some reason he wants it to be Malignaggi, a former welterweight champion.

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“I know celebrity boxing is trying to reach out to him. I got a contract that I signed, I’m fighting (on) October 10th and there still looking for someone for me to fight and it could be him. I think he’s down, he’s been talking about me for a while now," Bonalewicz told Boxing Insider.

Malignaggi has not publicly responded to Bonalewicz's request to fight. However, a Hudson Valley DJ has.

Nick Kessler, the host of WRRV's Morning Grind, has reached out to Corey B, should Corey B need an opponent.

"Someone's gonna knock him out in October, why not me," Kessler told Hudson Valley Post. "Eggbert is a bigger celebrity than this guy."

Kessler, who lives in Beacon, has been campaigning on social media to box Corey B. His posts caught the eye of both Corey B and Celebrity Boxing. However, Corey B has refused to box Kessler and made fun of the Hudson Valley in the process.

"A radio guy with 2,000 followers (from the) Hudson Valley isn't selling tickets. Back to market 1,000 radio for ya," Corey B wrote to Kessler about a potential match, in messages obtained by Hudson Valley Post

Kessler doesn't have a history in boxing but has battled in the ring. Kessler, pictured above, tells Hudson Valley Post before moving to the Hudson Valley he was an amateur MMA fighter. He's fought in Michigan and Ohio. He's won a 170-pound title and once knocked out an opponent in seven seconds.

“His arrogance really bothered me. I didn’t really start talking trash until he made fun of the Hudson Valley," Kessler adds.

Corey B is scheduled to fight an unknown opponent on Oct. 10. Kessler's baby is due in October. He says his wife, a police officer in the Hudson Valley, has given her blessing to box Corey B to defend the Kessler family and the Hudson Valley, if Corey B answers the challenge.

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