What fast food eatery was just named New York State's favorite? Is it your favorite? Do you agree?

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Most Common Fast Food Chains In New York State

Fast food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza

According to Stacker, these are the 10 most common fast-food chains in New York State

#10. Tim Hortons
#9. Wendy's
#8. Taco Bell
#7. Domino's Pizza
#6. Baskin Robbins
#5. Burger King
#4. Starbucks
#3. McDonald's
#2. Subway
#1. Dunkin

Dunkin' Confirmed Plans to Close 450 Locations
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Food & Wine recently highlighted "The Best Fast Food in Every State."

Food & Wine says each eatery on the list is "Fast, easy, typically quite affordable," and "the perfect place to tune in to the local vibe. Here's where to find the best fast food by state."

In-N-Out was named the best fast food in California. Which isn't a shock if, you've ever feasted on In-N-Out.

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What is surprising, is New York State's best fast food eatery isn't one of the 10 most common. But, New York's "best" is similar to In-N-Out.

Have you guessed it?

Shake Shack Is New York's Best Fast Food

Food & Wine named Shake Shack as New York's "best" fast food eatery.

"The whole world wants Shake Shack, it seems, it wants those burgers and Yukon gold potato crinkle cuts, Chicago dogs and frozen custard that beats most other chain specialists on quality. Why not — it’s all pretty damn delicious," Food & Wine states about Shake Shack being New York's favorite.

Shake Shack Raises Prices For Upcoming IPO
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This did somewhat surprise me, but not really.

When I think about it, if I had to pick one fast food eatery to go to in New York I'd probably pick Shake Shack. I believe it's the closest fast-food burger to In-N-Out.

Some will say, like my brother, it's even better!

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It's only somewhat of a surprise because there are only 20 Shake Shack locations across New York State, according to Shake Shack's website.

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Is Shake Shack also New York State's favorite drive-thru?

A. Boris
A. Boris


Allrecipes.com took a deep dive into Google searches to learn which fast-food drive-thru each state heads to the most.

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